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Healing with Nature's Spiritual Energies

Please join us as we integrate Shamanism & Reiki with intuitive methods to enhance your personal healing journey and your work with others & the planet. Join like-hearted people who are exploring an expanded way of well-being that is essential to our own health and our relationship  with the Earth, as we move together through increasingly obscure times.

Working with the Universal Life Force Energy - to address, restore & heal ourselves and the world.



Healing begins with an open heart and willingness to step into the mystery of our greatest potential


Community Gatherings and Healing Circle

HEARTH is the fire, the central place of the home where food is prepared, and where the family gathers to be nourished and warmed. 
A HEARTH Circle is a community circle where everyone is welcomed to be nourished mind, body and soul.  It is our spiritual home, where we come together in community to support a profound connection with our Hearts and the Earth.
This HEARTH supports the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle and it’s Earth-honoring mission and projects.
For more info: www.eomec.org


Natural Healing

Relief of pain and promote healing
Increasing physical energy & immune Function
Decrease anxiety, tension & stress
Spiritual growth & personal empowerment
Experience inner peace & clarity
Addiction recovery  
Trauma Release
Enhancing meditation & Intuition
Clear & Energize your home/office & land
Support making positive change in your life
Pregnancy, Pre & Post Natal
Animals, pets
Highly Sensitive People
Support in pre/post & during surgery, chemotherapy
·         …. And so much more


A timeless wisdom of two ancient healing traditions

Reiki & Shamanism are available to us all.  Healing with the Universal Life Force Energy coupled with the living forces of Shamanism creates powerful pathways to healing and an opening to deep and meaningful change.   Integrating Reiki with shamanism is natural yet powerful as we join the techniques of Reiki together with intuitive, Earth-honoring approaches from diverse shamanic cultures.


Compassionate, Restorative & Healing

Sacred journeys offer expansive ways to explore, heal to learn from and share with indigenous cultures


Holistic healing is not a substitute for conditions that require the attention of medical or mental health professionals. While results are profound, it’s important not to expect a quick fix, or to heal persistent or lifelong issues with one session. Healing is a process.



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Healing with Nature's Spiritual Energies

*Integrative Healing Arts and Studies Centers and it's sister Partnerships & Relationships do not enact or convey indigenous derived practices, ceremonies or rituals - for which all parties associated with Integrative Healing Arts and Studies Centers, faculty, or approved representatives do not have explicit or understood permission to share.