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~ in communion with Nature & Spirit 

Inspiration for our purpose is to raise the vibration for thriving for individuals, communities, and the world through Spiritual Guidance, Healing and Personal Development

We integrate hands-on and remote healing arts, Universal Life-Force energy wisdom with diverse cross-cultural shamanic, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and intuitive approaches.

Immersing in these and other trauma informed techniques and resources  to replenish our frazzled nervous systems,  our overstimuatled brains and tightly held muscles  focusing on balance, harmony and healing for people looking for tools to grow, evolve, and navigate these times. To enhance your healing journey restoring a sense of safety, healing, comfort and sacredness.


  We collaborate with nature in order to raise the vibration for thriving by working with ancient ways of healing that weave into the fabric of our daily lives.   To bring mindful awareness and expanded  ways of living for joy, vitality and health.

To heal our relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth in sustainable and compassionate ways.

Join like-hearted people who are exploring an expanded paradigm of well-being that is essential to our own health and a restored relationship with ourself, our ancestors, the collective along with the Earth as we move together through increasingly complex times; returning to the Sacred.  


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We navigate through our journey to joyful connection & deep passion by cultivating daily practices that nourish us on every level of the body, the mind and spirit. 

Shamanic + Reiki Training

Rooted in timelss wisdom of two ancient

healing traditions

Relaxing Massage Therapy

Shamanic + Reiki Healing

In-Person or Absentee Sessions

Empowered to Heal 

Reiki & Shamanism are available to us all.  Healing with the Universal Life Force Energy coupled with the living forces of Shamanism creates powerful pathways to healing and an opening to deep and meaningful change.   Integrating Reiki with shamanism is natural yet powerful as we join the techniques of Reiki together with intuitive, Earth-honoring approaches from diverse shamanic cultures.


Relief of pain and promote healing
Increasing physical energy & immune function
Decrease anxiety, tension & stress
Spiritual growth & personal empowerment
Experience inner peace & clarity
Addiction recovery  
Trauma Release

Healing Ancestral & Cultural Trauma
Enhancing meditation & Intuition
Clear & Energize your home/office & lands
Support making positive change in your life
Pregnancy, Pre & Post Natal
Animals, pets
Highly Sensitive/Empathic People
Support in pre/post & during surgery, drug-therapy
·         …. And so much more

Healing Circle 

Community Gatherings and Healing Circle

A Healing Circle is a community circle where everyone is welcomed to be nourished mind, body and soul.  It is our spiritual home, where we come together in community to support a profound connection with our Hearts and the Earth.

Outdoor Yoga Class

Nature Immersions
Sacred & Intentional Retreats

Compassionate, Restorative & Healing

Are you feeling stuck and ready to Unearth the magic of deep healing.  Your innate ability to heal is  rooted in the  curious, playful and open hearted.
Dig deep to discover and muse, write, draw, play and wander as you reconnect to the healing forces of nature. 

Yoga for Everybody

Nourish, Flurish and Thrive 

 Nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit with yoga, meditation and breathwork, as you are guided every step of the way.  Uncover your truest intentions, deepest foundations, and heartfelt connections. 
Welcoming you just as you are.  

Healing begins with an open heart and willingness to step into the mystery of Your greatest potential

Free Initial Consultation

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healing with nature's spiritual energies 

 We are inspired by your desire to heal yourself & others. We are excited to partner with you to create  communion with nature & spirit to restore vitality, joy and heart centered living. 

Contact Us to discover your journey to well-ness. 

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Holistic healing is not a substitute for conditions that require the attention of medical or mental health professionals. While results are profound, it’s important not to expect a quick fix, or to heal persistent or lifelong issues with one session. Healing is a process.

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Healing with Nature's Spiritual Energies

We acknowledge and honor all lineages and ancestors for the healing work that is inspired here. With intention to promote expanded consciousness, healing and to awaken to heart-centered ways of living in communion with nature, spirit and each other.  

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