Healing Circle

Community Gatherings and Healing Circles

Healing Circle online and in-person options hosted from Milton WA

$5 - $25 love donations via VENMO or PayPay.



Join us in community to spiritually nourish and deepen our connection with all sentient life. You will bask in the Hearth of warmth and ignite your inner wisdom fire. Let us kindle sacredness, smaller circles reverberating out to larger circles.

A Healing Circle is a community circle where everyone is welcomed to be nourished and our feelings are witnessed and held sacred.

It is our spiritual home, where we come together in community to support a profound connection with our Hearts.

In this Circle of heart-centered people we experience meditation, sharing, shamanic journeys, meeting our spirit guides.  We connect to the solar and lunar cycles and learn where we need to focus our attentions.  We may also experience hands-on and/or remote healings that honor natural cycles of the Earth in ecstatic ways of connecting to our deep soul longings.

Gathered as beings of light and love, we ignite our inner wisdom fires and share gratitude.

Contact us directly for additional information or to register for live steaming access.

Due to COVID-19  in-person Circle's have been postponed.    On-line live-streaming healing circles are on their way.  




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