Heal each other ~ Heal the Earth

HEARTH Circle is held in Milton WA



$5 - $25 cash suggested at the door (drop in)


HEARTH is the fire, the central place of the home where food is prepared, and where the family gathers to be nourished and warmed.

A HEARTH Circle is a community circle where everyone is welcomed to be nourished and our feelings are witnessed and held sacred.

It is our spiritual home, where we come together in community to support a profound connection with our Hearts.

In this Shamanic Reiki HEARTH Circle of heart-centered people we experience meditation, sharing, shamanic journeys, meeting our spirit guides, hands on healings and honor natural cycles of the Earth, and ecstatic ways of connecting to our deep soul longings.

Gathered as a HEARTH, we ignite our inner wisdom fires and share gratitude.

This HEARTH supports the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle and it’s Earth-honoring mission and projects. For more info:

Proceeds from this HEARTH circle go to (OMEC) a 501C3 nonprofit educational organiztion. Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle, helping to preserve the ancient ways of life and healing taught to us by indigenous people worldwide

Contact us directly for additional information or to register.

 2020 Dates:

2/23   3/15   4/17   5/17   6/7   10/11   11/8   12/6 


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