Attune-Up Day Retreat

Healing Journey

A powerful Renewal in Integrating Individual, Ancestral, & Collective Healing for You and Your Practice 

             an on-line 1-Day Retreat  

          Saturday December 3rd


                  Online - Zoom


            Pacific Time Zone (GMT-7)

                     10am to 4pm



Hosted by Lori Ferry'


Accepting payment through VENMO or PayPal 

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This one-day on-line retreat offers spaciouness to receive a deeply nourishing Restorative full day focused on balance, harmony and healing for you and your practice surrounded in communion with each other and Spirit.   


We will focus on replenishing our frazzled nervous system, our overstimulated brain and tightly held muscles with Breath, Auspicious Practices and Shamanic Journey. 


Create your home Restorative space in any way that brings comfort, healing and a sense of ease for you. 











Receive Transformative and Nourishing Healing Attunement

Deep Dive into Restorative Pracitces for Self and Collective Healing

  • Receive Deeply Nourishing Healing Attunement

  • Developing and Strengthening Relational Health

  • Personal & Collective Practices & Skills

  •  Individual, Ancestral and Collective Transmutation &  Integration

  •  Identify Conflict and Fragmentation through Polyvagal Therory

  • Building Sustainable Healing Communities

  • What does it mean to be a Mystic in Today’s World



A small-group Retreat to Heal, Practice + Study Together

We integrate hands-on and remote healing arts, Universal Life-Force energy wisdom with diverse cross-cultural shamanic and intuitive approaches.  Immersing in these and other techniques and resources for practitioners looking to continue personal development, Spiritual Support and to evolve, and navigate these times. To enhance your personal healing journey and your work with others to refresh, renew, restore and recalibrate in meaningful and connected ways. 

Suggested Book Reading:

Shamanic Reiki- Roberts & Levy

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness - Roberts

Speaking with Nature - Ingerman & Roberts



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Open to:


Reiki Level 2 +

Shamanic Reiki Level 2+


Certitificate for

Continued Education 


Upon Request




Payment Methods 

VENMO or PayPal

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