Remote Distance Healing

Heal & Transform with Earth-Honoring Wisdom Ways

A Holistic Approach to Vitality, Joy and Heart-Centered Living

  • Shamanism is an ancient cross-cultural healing approach that works with the forces of nature and is rooted in Earth honoring ancient wisdom-ways to tap into the wisdom of the body, heart and all aspects of vitality. 

  • Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation & reduces stress to promote profound healing.

  • Remote Distance Healing is an Energetic Healing Practice that is unbound by space & time and equally effective as an in-person therapy that enhances and empowers you to be a participant in your own healing journey. 

The Shamanic Reiki Absentee Healing process has proven helpful for people no matter where they are geographically.   As practitioners we have worked effectively across the globe with people, families, groups, organizations, pets & animals, land and buildings, and so much more; it is truly unlimited.

Remote Distant Healing includes shamanic journeying, Quechua work with the elements, fire ceremony, intuitive readings, Maya Cosmology, energetic and Reiki Universal Life-Force Energy that also includes spirit guides, and more, on your behalf.

Your SHAMANIC REIKI ABSENTEE HEALING cultivation includes:
The preliminary communication with any questions & description of what to expect; how much time is needed and anything that you may need to do to prepare if anything.  

After the session; you will receive a post-session consultation with session notes included.  A follow-up description of the session details, guidelines for how to integrate the energy, and follow-up practices are provided.

Your treatment session(s) are always specific to you to provide comfort and the highest possible good to energetically connect to the healing energies in a profound way.   Sessions can be through a live-video call, a phone call, a designated time with text messages when we will begin and end.  Or simply leave the timing up to me while you go about your daily life. 

Value Packages for1-hour session:

1 Session: $95

3-Session Package: $280

6-Session package: $565


VENMO or Paypal+3% processing fee  - All exchanges must be paid in full prior to our healing work together.

Shapeshifting into higher consciousness with an expanded healing session could include one or a combination:

Shape-shifting a persistent personal or ancestral pattern including addiction behaviors 
Healing a past life event in this life time
Healing a previous past life

Healing karmic energies with ancestors
Prevent Soul Loss and feelings of loss, grief and self-doubt 
Releasing Deleterious Cords to  heal relationships
Cultivating an Inner Sanctum of Worthiness, Self-Esteem and Inclusion
Cleansing with the Elements to discover and empower your authentic Self and Life Path
Release energetic blockages to sensations of fluidity, freedom and harmony

When we shapeshift into a deeper level of consciousness; our sessions could be 2-hours or more depending on each individuals needs as we dialog during the appointment set up.  Value packages are discussed during the consultation.


Contact me with questions and to set up your journey to wellness and your most vibrant Self.


 -- healing sessions are non-refundable, you are here on purpose, the universe called and you answered.  Let us co-create your higheset good.    

Holistic healing is not a substitute for conditions that require the attention of medical or mental health professionals. While results are profound, it’s important not to expect a quick fix, or to heal persistent or lifelong issues with one session. Healing is a process.


 I very clearly recall one morning where I awoke very early and felt energy pulsing throughout my body.  Later that day, I learned that I had awoken at precisely the time she was doing the remote session.  The Shamanic Reiki work that Lori did with me was instrumental in helping me to make life-changing  decisions for my spiritual, physical and emotional balance and move forward.   I continue to see Lori for her reiki services and feel that they are an important part of my ongoing self-care. I highly recommend her.  5 Stars!!!  _ J. Humphreys, Oregon

I find remote healing sessions with my beloved Pet have been pivotal to his recovery from seizures.  Her work has been confirmed by our animal veterinarian Dr Osborn in Ohio.  We find great joy that the Universe works through Lori for the benefit of all who she works with.  - D. Miller, Ohio


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