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Heal & Transform with Earth-Honoring Wisdom Ways

Shamanic Reiki Absentee Healing

The Shamanic Reiki Absentee Healing process has proven helpful for people no matter where they are geographically.   As practitioners we have worked effectively with people across the globe.

Distant Healing is conducted within a three week process, which includes shamanic journeying, Quechua work with the elements, fire ceremony, intuitive readings, energetic and Reiki healing with spirit guides, and more, on your behalf.

Your SHAMANIC REIKI ABSENTEE HEALING cultivation includes:
A short preliminary 10-minute phone call, as well as an hour+ long post-session phone consultation with session notes is included. A follow-up description of the session details, guidelines for how to integrate the energy, and follow-up practices and/or ceremonies are sent by email.
All absentee work is completed within a three-week period (See Shamanic Reiki book for details), in the event that I am traveling to sacred alters and ceremonial sites the time span may be longer. If the work with you coincides with programs I am teaching, you can opt to have me take your items confidentially to these altars/ceremonies to be blessed by elders at sacred sites in-country and out-of-country locations to benefit from the potent healing energies that are generated there. 

Item list for you to send for your Absentee Healing: 

1) Photo of you fully clothed with no one else in the photo; preferably full-body image.
2) Sample of your handwriting, write a few sentences from the heart.
3) 2-3 strands of your hair in a paper envelope.
4) A flammable - 100% cotton or wool - article of clothing with your energy on it, that you do not need back (small in size, like a sock or a handkerchief or a small piece of a t-shirt)
5) Exchange Fee --  depends on each individuals Healing Session and discussed during the appointment set up. 

Check or VENMO  - All exchanges must be paid in full prior to phone calls and appointments 

Contact us with questions, set up your appointment and payment



 Due to circumstances beyond our control -- healing sessions are non-refundable, But may be applied to future sessions, course work, classes or workshops. Must be used within 6 months; contact us for special circumstances.