Kind Words 

My Heart-Song is to share this work with others.   I am truly humbled by the kind words and support that is so generously shared here.  

From my heart to yours ~ always


I recently completed Lori’s Level 1 and Level 2 Shamanic Reiki course and I am happy that I did! I entered this 3 day course with a very limited knowledge of Shamanic Reiki. That did not limit me in any way. Lori guided our class with such clarity, with such purpose and with a sharp understanding of how to reach her advanced and beginning students all at once. My experience was profoundly deep, my heart unfolded like a flower and the wisdom that I gained was absolutely life changing. I will forever be grateful for all that I learned.”    -Brandi Davis
Hillsdale, NY

Jim, Oregon USA

I very clearly recall one morning where I awoke very early and felt energy pulsing throughout my body.  Later that day, I learned that I had awoken at precisely the time she was doing the remote session.  The Shamanic Reiki work that Lori did with me was instrumental in helping me to make life-changing  decisions for my spiritual, physical and emotional balance and move forward.   I continue to see Lori for her reiki services and feel that they are an important part of my ongoing self-care. I highly recommend her.  5 Stars!!!  _ J. Humphreys, Oregon

D. Miller, Ohio

I find remote healing sessions with my beloved Pet have been pivotal to his recovery from seizures.  Her work has been confirmed by our animal veterinarian Dr Osborn in Ohio.  We find great joy that the Universe works through Lori for the benefit of all who she works with

Vickie Young, Kentucky

Lori is a gentle soul and very knowledgeable in Shamanic wisdom. Even though I had experience in Reiki, I learned so much from her in the level one and two classes, and I couldn't wait to take her Shamanic Master class. I felt supported throughout the whole process and learned so much.  I highly recommend Lori as your Shamanic Reiki teacher!

Angela G., Washington State

If you are interested in shamanic practices and Reiki, I highly recommend Lori’s class – even if you’ve already been attuned to Reiki. I’ve been a Reiki teacher and practitioner for a few years. Since taking my first Reiki class, I’ve met several Shamans and wanted to learn more. Lori’s Shamanic Reiki 1&2 class provided me with practical shamanic techniques I began using in my Reiki practice immediately. Although I learned a lot in reading Shamanic Reiki by Llyn Roberts, the guidance and practice during Lori’s class really made the techniques accessible. Perhaps the most valuable part of the class was being introduced to my Distance Reiki Guide, now a partner in all my distance Reiki sessions.  It was a real pleasure taking part in Lori’s class.

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