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Coronavirus Policy 

By attending this retreat you agree that it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe by following your own personal health and safety practices.

  • You are a willing participant in this in-person retreat and understand you will be in close lodging proximity with others.  Use your own discretion and do not hold others, guides, named and/or unnamed,  Lori Ferry', organization, family, affiliates, community, land-owners, company, etc...  responsible for your or anyone's wellbeing and safety in any way. 

  • Optional suggestion to bring Covid-19 home tests with you.     

  • Disposable masks will be on hand if you wish to use them.  Masks are not mandatory. 

  • Washing hands after  handling nature, food and other personal encounters is a mindful way to keep yourself and others safe. 

  • If you feel ill or experience any Coronavirus symptoms prior to Retreat at ANY time, perform an in-home test prior to attending Retreat.   If you test positive,  you will be able to attend a future retreat or gift your retreat to someone else. 

  • If you feel ill or experience any Coronavirus symptoms during Retreat notify one of the guides immediately.  You will be offered a home-test to perform.   We are in the wilderness and will not be able to make arrangements to transport you to services.   You may need to avoid people, but you are still able to be with nature if you feel up to it. ​

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