Heal and Transform 
Maya Wisdom-Keepers
and  Spiritual Guides 
Fall - 2022 Trip - Dates and Details TBA
Guided by Llyn Cedar Roberts & Sacred Travel Team

Fall 2022 Guatemala Trip Details - TBA   

(contact omec.loriferry@gmail.com to inquiry with questions and more information)

Llyn Cedar Roberts introduces you to nine indigenous Maya healers and wisdom keepers from the mountain and Lake Atitlan regions of the Guatemala highlands on a life-changing adventure into the heart of ancient healing power.


You will experience 12,500-year-old fire ceremonies, work with several wisdom keeper families from 4 distinct highland regions, receive their ancient spiritual teachings, undergo traditional


Maya healing methods called limpias or ‘cleansings’, receive sacred bundle and/or seed readings and divinations, engage the spirit of the cacao plant in sacred ceremony, learn from Maya women about working with energy of the earth in age-old weaving methods, and so much more.
Join like-hearted others on this pilgrimage through Guatemala's stunning mountain and lake regions. This is an expertly and sensitively designed sacred immersion - and authentic experience in ancient lands, with intimate exchanges with indigenous shamanic peoples in folksy locales, a profound as well as joyous group experience with life-changing healing opportunities.


We travel through colorful highland pueblos where a diversity of Maya languages are spoken and the communities are known for their traditional clothing, art, music, ancient lore and hand woven textiles.


We enjoy delicious foods and stay in beautiful lodgings that are nestled into powerful vortex areas amidst looming volcanoes and with stunning views of the mystical Lake Atitlan - that was formed over 80,000 years ago and within whose waters are found ancient Maya structures.
This trip is designed for anyone who deeply appreciates nature and is ready to immerse in indigenous shamanic culture.  If you desire to enter Sacred Time and be steeped in the power and rhythms of the lands, waters, spirits and in ancient Maya wisdom ways - and you are dedicated to a personal journey of discovery and healing - this trip is for you.

You will travel with understandings derived from your personal sacred sun sign and Maya galactic tone chart with an hourlong pre-trip consultation with Maya scholar Kenneth Johnson to introduce you to the energies that we will be harmonizing with, each day – as we step into sacred time and open to natural magic.


Alfonso Muralles owner and operator of Four Directions Travel Agency and our in country guide and host and will be able to answer questions and provider registration information soon.    


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