Reiki Healing

Monthly Maintenance




2-sessions per month

1 hour each
$140 mo

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

This is a wonderful option in Self-Care Maintenance

Suitable for established as well as new clients   

Receive two reiki sessions per month as a way to maintain energetic wellbeing.

Receive intuitive guidance by email after session.

Always your choise between 2- healing approaches: 

Preference 1

No need to interrupt your day to receive your healings, they will be chosen when the time is ripe for your deepest benefit. 


Preference 2

Spend one hour's time in deep relaxation within your own home while I send Reiki healing energy to you.  

  Go Deeper with a 6 or 12 month Maintenance Subscription

Dive deeper into divine wisdom through Maya Wisdom/Cosmology or through Astrological/Moonology.

Gain tools to increase your intuition and activate your innate gifts

Learn techniques to enhance your spiritual practice

Increase your connection to source for profound & sustained wellness

Bring your spiritual questions to our session for intuitive guidance surrounding them

Explore, Expand and Shapeshift into expanded ways of healing, manifesting your hearts longing, divine connection to source and energetic awareness 

Payment in full accepted through: 

Contact me with questions and to set

up your journey to wellness and

your most vibrant Self.

Monthly Membership Maintenance


2 sessions per month


*restrictions may apply


Lori Ferry'

Monthly Membership Maintenance


2 sessions per month

      1  Maya Cosmology Reading

15% discount website wide


*restrictions may apply


Lori Ferry' 

Monthly Membership Maintenance


2 sessions per month

      1 Maya Cosmology

1 Moonology Reading

30% discount website wide 


*restrictions may apply


Lori Ferry'