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Advanced Reiki & Master Teacher
3-Day Immersion Training
Online Certification Course  

March 10, 11, 12    2023  CLOSED 

Pacific Time Zone (GMT-7)

Friday        6pm to 9pm

Saturday   9am to 5:30pm

Sunday     9am to 4:30pm

This highly experiential  ART & Reiki Master Teacher course helps us embody our deeper purpose and confidence to navigate in everyday life in the comfort of our own home.   The awareness and insights that can happen  provide deep healing, shift in perspective as well as a sense of profound empowerment. 


This journey honors each person uniquely. You do not need to plan to teach to join us. Many participants focus on personal transformation, or work may be drawn to work with animals, nature, events, situations, injustices on the planet and more.   You will be supported through each step of the way.  

Upon graduating, you receive your Reiki Master Teacher certification and are empowered to teach in-person or online  Usui & Tibetan Reiki Level One, Level Two, Advanced Reiki Training and Master-Teacher. 

This course can help you remove blocks, heal past wounds, and move toward greater levels of transformation.

This course-work is for anyone who is  wants to continue to explore their own personal and spiritual growth. This training attracts many professional practitioners—such as Yoga Teachers, therapists, spiritual coaches, wellness & healthcare workers, and alternative healers—who also take what they learn and integrate it into their respective fields.

  • In this final Usui and Tibetan level course you will be introduced to 2-symbols in the Tibetan tradition along with the Usui Master Teacher Symbol; 3 in total.

  • We will activate our innate ability to connect with the wisdom of the Microcosmic Orbital Intelligence that lives in all of us.

  •  Learn the Master Level Violet Breath Practice to increase the vibration and frequency of Reiki that already works within you for the benefit of others.  

  • Explore Crystal Grids for home, land and office, as well as grids to place under a Reiki table or have present for distance healing.

  •  Moving Energy Meditation Practice to discover & manifest your purposeful path.

  • Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery) that assists in removing past karmic enegies and blockages for yourself and others.

  • How to do Self, in-person and distance Healing Attunements through demonstration, guidance and practice.  

  • Learn to give Reiki Level 1 &2, ART and Master Attunements through demonstration, guidance and practice.

  • Learn how to teach Reiki to others in each level and explore your own teaching style

  • Receive outlines for each Reiki class to help get you started as you develop your own healing practice. 

  • Discuss various ways to create a thriving Reiki Master practice.

  • Receive Client in-take form, Practitioner Documentation form which can be used for your own practice or adapt to fit your specific teaching and healing treatment style. 

  • In the space of confidentiality, we will learn and give ourselves Reiki and practice giving Reiki & Attunements to peer partners through our live-streaming experience.

  • After each practice we are invited to offer reflection in our group setting to validate the healing results. 

You will receive a collection of documents, videos/ audios to support your practice along with invitation to join our private Facebook group where you connect with other like-hearted healers and practitioners to help support you on your continued journey.   


Sliding Scale: $195/ $245/ $295   VENMO or PayPal

Pay at the highest level you are able to support those who need to pay less.

Reiki for Life ~ Reiki For Everyone 






Note: This course entitles you to attend the Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Immersion In-Person Course held October 6,7,8 

NOTE: Course work, classes, workshops, training & sessions are non-refundable but may be applied

 to other course work, classes, workshops, training, healing therapy sessions and all other offerings.  Time restrictions apply. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Alternative Therapy
Colorful Crystal

Heal Study & Practice Together 

Prerequisite:  Reiki Degree 1 & 2 

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