Reiki Healing + Intuitive Wisdom

Distance  / 1 hour



You and I will be together either through video, audio or asynchronistically (meaning we do not schedule a time together face-to-face)

Receive reiki for one hour time in deep relaxation within the comfort of your own home. 

Receive intuitive wisdom guided by spirit through an email.

Schedule inperson upto 30 minutes after the reiki healing to discuss intuitive insights and ask questions. 

I will provide spirit lead suggestions on how to incorporate these insights into your spiritual practice.

Image by Yeshi Kangrang
Although there are no guarantees of what will happen for each individual, commonly reported benefits include:
  • Increased ability to relax deeply and let go
  • Freedom from fear, worry and anxiety
  • Improved immune system and a reduction of stress related and psychosomatic illnesses
  • Enhanced capacity for intimacy and openness in relationships
  • Increased presence, creativity, mental clarity, focus and attention
  • Freedom from an excessive need for external approval, respect and recognition
  • Self-empowerment, greater confidence in one’s ability to navigate life’s challenges
  • A sense of basic trust in one’s self-healing capacities    An expanded experience of one’s true self and true nature
  • Spiritual development and maturating

All Sessions are Prepaid: 

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We will work together towards your journey to wellness and your most vibrant SELF!