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Forest Lake

Sacred Journeys with Nature

Rest     Reflection     Regeneration     Connection 
August  7 - 12,  2023 
3-spots left

~ in the Olympic Mountains 

 Sacred  Nature Retreat is a Journey towards rest, reflection & regeneration. Offering expansive ways to explore, heal and re-connect in the natural world in gentle yet empowering ways.  Consider communing with the Elements of old growth forests of the Earth, ancient glacial Waters, Wind-swept walks and gathering around Fire in centering rituals.

Receive clarity, discover your purpose and feel deep transformative healing as you receive new ways to navigate your daily life in heart centered ways. 

 Receive natures spiritual guidance &  Earth Wisdom gifts. 


We collaborate with nature in order to raise the vibration for thriving by connecting with nature's healing ways that can weave into the fabric of our daily lives.   You'll explore personal connections to nature beings all around you and feel the earth support you.


As we slow the pace down from our hectic schedules and busy lives, we invite you to commune with the natural world.  You’ll be introduced to gentle embodied practices to help support you in relaxation and restoration that nourishes your delicate nervous systems, restores your body and eases our over stimulated minds.  The goal is to spend our days connecting with the elements, and experiencing their power to provide comfort, healing & expand our consciousness through internal and external harmony with the natural world and each other.

IMG_7329 - Copy (2).HEIC

To heal our relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth in sustainable and compassionate ways. By honoring natural wonders such as rivers, pools, mountains, valleys along with trees, plant and animals we reawaken and invigorate the connection that we ARE nature not separate from it. 

Join us around the Fire each night.

Listen to stories, participate in healing journeys and explore connection with nature. 

Feel safely held during a special guided meditation, star-gazing into the deep & expansive night skies while communing with sacred plant medicine, Cacao.

Join like-hearted people who are exploring an expanded paradigm of well-being that is essential to our own health and a restored relationship with ourself, our ancestors, the collective along with the Earth as we move together through increasingly complex times; returning to the Sacred.  

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