Benefits of Epsom-salts Bath Blend

Directions: Create the healing space: light some candles, incense, and get your music and/or book lined up. Dissolve the mixture in the water as it fills your tub. Reiki practitioner, charge your bath with Reiki symbols that resonate with you. Imagine the toxins leaving your body, and going into the water. When you drain your tub, imagine all the energetic gunk getting sucked down into the earth, transforming into energy that is useful for others’ and of course you can Reiki the water again when you get out.

• Very Warm water as warm as you can tolerate comfortably • 2 cups Epsom Salts • 1 Cup Sea Salt • 1 Cup of Baking soda • Soak 20-40 minutes (note: low blood pressure 20minutes/high blood pressure up to 40 minutes) • Rinse with warm shower for a few minutes when done (no soaps/no shampoos/no lotions) • Warm cozy lounging clothing • Herbal tea (non-caffeinated) • Favorite essential oil combos to use during Epsom salt baths

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