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Deep Healing in the Highlands of Guatemala

It was an early morning when I read the few sentences that described the trip I have been longing to take my entire life. It kind of went like this:

"You are invited on a life-changing pilgrimage through the stunning mountain and lake regions of the Guatemala Highlands. Learn about, and experience ancient Maya healing ways in this all new immersion that takes us into the heart of a culture that is steeped in nature's magic and knows how to access its power..."

True to the description, the artful way of unwinding from my daily life was magical, profound and gentle. A sacred container held for us as we let go of expectations and agendas. Encouraging us to step into the mystery as each day unfolded in a life-shifting way. The participants, no longer strangers became a circle of journeyers; feeling safe and supported as we shared our authentic hearts and experiences.

I found myself fully immersed as I awoke each day with a cacophony of birds, the scent of exotic flowers wafting in the air and stunning sunrises. We were nourished with fresh local cuisine prepared daily with such joy that slowing down to savor the scent and flavor of each bite became somewhat of a spiritual meditation for me.

The journey was rich as we immersed within the beauty and sacredness of the land, the powerful waters of Lake Atitlan and the open-heart of the people and Maya Wisdom Keepers. Even the air felt different; I often recall the energetic tingles that I felt as the breezes gently touched my skin.

We were seen as a sacred circle and not considered the 'proverbial tourist'; we each introduced ourselves to the Elders, and were directly included in the teachings and learnings. We were encouraged to connect with the wisdom and healing that ceremony and ritual had to offer. We immersed ourselves and felt the energetic power of our personal and deep healing journeys; and sometimes we wept as we witnessed the sheer beauty of it.

Time slowed down, a day felt like a blessed week, and a week felt like an adored month of 'sacred time'. I felt my own heart expanded and a vibrant, blissful transformation as I received the most profound healing of my life.

Guatemala is an expanded- soul-touching passage and I feel such deep gratitude to our accomplished and adored guide and the travel team that helped navigate and support each step of the way on this truly intentional life-shifting adventure.

Now that I have returned from Guatemala and back to my not-so-ordinary life with my heart wide-open; I want to say to those reading this; the mystery is within the journey. Only the experience of it can provide the opportunity to learn, heal and transform. Each step, each event that is revealed supports you on your sacred quest. Specific details purposely left untold so you the journeyer can experience it fresh and unfiltered in the magic that you deserve.

Please take a look at the Olympic Mountain Earthwisdom Circle, OMEC website to read more about the healing, transforming and wisdom that the Ancient Healing Powers of the Guatemala Highlands, the Lake Atitlan Region and the Maya Wisdom Keepers have to offer. I also invite you to view the video created by Mitch Mattraw that highlights the magic and the beauty of this sacred journey at


As part of OMEC's mission to support indigenous wisdom ways, the journey to Guatemala offered us an opportunity to support The Women Weavers of San Juan La Laguna. During this 2019 journey Mitch Mattraw embarked on a film project to give voice to these women and their vision.

Please visit http://www.eomec.org/maya-women-weavers-project.html to learn more. We are also thrilled to announce that we are supporting two of the women weavers in an upcoming trip to New York where they will be engaging in several events to share their wisdom and their textiles! More info on that to come!

And most exciting.... REGISTRATION FOR THE 2020 SACRED JOURNEY TO GUATEMALA IS NOW OPEN! Please visithttp://www.eomec.org/guatemala-highlands.html for more information and to register!

OMEC provides rich projects, sacred journeys, ways to get involved and so much more. Please visit for a complete description of all the programs, events and projects that are offered http://www.eomec.org

From my heart to yours, Lori Ferry'