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Crystal Reiki Healing Certification

Expand your Reiki Healing Work with Crystals

Combining the energy of Reiki and Crystals can provide a way to shapeshift and transmute expanded ways of healing and raising the vibration for thriving. If you have been attuned to Reiki Level 2, Shamanic Reiki 2 or higher join us as we expand our knowledge of crystals with Reiki. This is an informational, educational and a fun way to explore deep healing potential with this one-day training.

October 24 2020 9:30am to 6:30pm Fee $150

Combining Reiki and Crystal healing energy you will learn:

  • How to balance and bring harmony to the Chakras

  • How to clear the aura and strengthen the subtle fields around the body

  • How to use crystal energy to cleanse & heal the mental and emotional bodies

  • How to use crystal energy and Reiki to support healthy mental and emotional patterns

  • How to work with a crystal pendulum

  • How to clear, cleanse and recharge your crystals (new and existing)

  • How to create Home and Land crystal grids to clear, protect and heal

  • How to create crystal grids for your in-person healing sessions

  • How to create long-distance absentee healing crystal grids

  • Practice Giving Crystal Reiki to others & Receive Crystal Reiki Healing

  • Receive Crystal Reiki Healing Attunement

  • Certificate

You will need 54 crystals & 1 pendulum for this one-day class. To keep costs down, we ask that you procure your own crystals for this class. Many of you may have some or several of the required crystals already. Once you have registered and paid for the class; your crystal list will be provided to you. It is recommended that you register early to allow plenty of time to obtain your crystals. It is a great joy to share this work with you Courses are non-refundable