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What the Rainforest & the Summer Solstice have in Common

Every year I journey deep into the Olympic Mountains Hoh Rainforest where sunlight dapples through lush green leaves dancing with the shadows of large and ancient trees dripping with wet moist mosses. Each step taken along the over-grown trail eliciting a double-take, another look as my imagination conjures up hidden dimensions and tales of the invisibles, the hidden folk.

The air shifts here, it’s not the same as the air beyond the periphery of the forest. You can feel the air has a luminous quality to it, a glow that is carried by each water-droplet that gently drips from each square inch to the next until finally it lands on the forest floor with a little “plop”.

When I am in the forest I gently maneuver around fallen trees, boulders, rivers and stoney creeks. I slow down even more not wanting to miss a thing. Each step calculated on where I place a foot or a hand, Quietly, I move through the wildness of this place, until I come upon my first banana slug and suddenly, I hear myself ever-so-softly singing to this astonishing creature as if it understands my gratitude for the chance to introduce myself. But of course, he does understand, doesn’t he? After a moment or two, I feel he has obliged my singing long enough and I realize he probably would like to move on. So, I bid the banana slug adieu and we both begin anew.

I feel the energy of the Rainforest draw me in every year, yet this year the energy has shifted and merged with the energy of the Summer Solstice. The Midsummer time of new beginnings. A time for inner power and brightness, a spiritual stirring. Summer Solstice celebrations around the world represent light and shadow that culminates in the perfect balance of day and night.

Midsummer celebrations around the world elicit fire ceremony gatherings that celebrate the longest day of the year. This day embodies the internal flame within when the days get longer, the sun leading us through better times. And by celebrating the sun and the power it provides to all nature, humans are spiritually ignited, connecting to its life force.

In the proverbial heat of summer, taking mindful moments to pay attention to nature's bounty is undeniably good for the soul. Engaging with the seasons fully and remaining in tune with the rhythm of sky, land and water in these ever-changing days. By opening us up to the possibility of solstice and nature we somehow cement our part in the dance with nature.

Sitting in wild spaces helps me hone in on on the life force all around me. Connecting with nature during a solstice or an equinox resets me like nothing else has. My frazzled nervous system feels replenished, my over-worked mind is refreshed, and my tightly held muscles are nourished. I can feel my spirit tingling in my hands and feet and my outlook becomes expansive, refreshed creating spaciousness for clarity and ease.

Use the longer daylight hours as an opportunity to explore the wilds of the Olympic Mountains Hoh Rainforest with me. Stop and simply revel in the beauty of the natural world and feel yourself open to this life-changing Sacred Time and the Healing Powers of Nature.

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