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Summer Solstice 
June 21
Pacific Time
10am - 3pm

VENMO or PayPal 

Summer Solstice
Day Retreat

Live Streaming on Zoom 

This online Retreat is for anyone looking to  renew, restore, heal + integrate ways to energetically heal your frazzled nervous systems, release trauma triggers and receive deep regeneration.  Join us in the comfort of your favorite space where internet access is available for the Summer Solstice Ceremony & Healing Day Retreat. 

Work with the teaching lineages of diverse shamanic cultures. 

Focused on Rest, Renewal and Regenerative Healing for your personal & professional transformation. 

  • Receive & Learn to give an Intuitive Aura Reading

  • Receive a Past Life Healing through Sacred Feminine Transmission.

  • Receive & Learn Energy Protection Technique to easily strengthen, heal and restore.

  •  Participate in a Special Shamanic Journey to replenish & receive freedom from restriction. Reclaim adventure, confidence and the wild nature of your purpose while stepping through the Moon Portal Journey. 

  • Discover your Sacred Masculine/Feminine Archetype. 

  • Summer Solstice Blessing Ceremony

We recommend a favored journal and writing tools to jot down, draw & doodle, to record your healing experiences whether they appear as thoughts, images, received guidance and more.  We invite you to join like-hearted people who are exploring an expanded paradigm of well-being that is essential for thriving & a restored relationship with Self, our Ancestors and the Collective Field with Nature's Healing Forces as we move together through increasingly complex times; returning to the Sacred that is innately our birthright.
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