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the agenda
step into the mystery 


We invite you to be guided into the forest of the Olympic Mountains.  The Hoh Rainforest is waiting for you to arrive...

Each day unfolds into the next assisted by your human guides with a carefully planned out agenda, yet...

We listen to what nature has in store for us, so agendas are not concrete. 

When the time is ripe, the "plan' for the day is revealed... 

See below for a basic outline of what to expect. 

Contact us with questions.

  • Breakfast - on your own

  • Lunch -on your own  

  • Dinner - nightly gathering sharing food/take turns preparing

  • Snacks - on your own 

Please contact us with any questions.


We Begin...  Meet at Sunny Farms in Sequim WA by 1pm

Receive driving instructions as we begin to unwind from our daily lives and journey into new and sacred spaces as you notice the busy-ness of everyday life start to fade away.  Eventually arriving to our assigned lodging.  

We'll settle in and then....   as each day unwinds, our rhythms begin to match the rhythm of the Earth & Nature, time becomes liminal as the veil of the natural world reveals it's potential and enriched ways.  Spaciousness is intentionally created by allowing meal-times to be enjoyed on your own (except the main meal/dinner).  We'll wander deep into the forest of old growth trees, incubating, resting, rediscovering wonderment and connection as we feel moist mosses and 5 foot ferns lightly brush our skin.  Listen to River tell you her secrets while mindfully, gently stepping as we explore sacred spaces, connecting with the elements, the lands, waters and nature beings seen and unseen.   Each evening we meet at the fire pit, as a circle, we might have an offering of tobacco, experience guided meditation,  drumming, healing journeys and star-gazing into the deep & expansive night skies. And you might choose to receive the sacred plant medicine ceremony of  Cacao.

  • Day-1  UNWINDING

  • Day-2  Revealed in the evening of Day 1

  • Day-3  Revealed in the evening of Day 2

  • Day-4  Revealed in the evening of Day 3

  • Day-5  Revealed in the evening of Day 4

  • Day-6   REWINDING, revealed by experience by experience as we begin the flow back into every-day life fully refreshed, renewed and forever changed.

 Complete... Meet at Crescent Lake, Port Angeles WA by 1pm

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