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the agenda
step onto the wild edge 

Natures Portals Between Worlds

All you need to do is come as you are: perhaps exhausted and jaded, perhaps wondering what comes next, but either way, ready for it .

Together, we’ll find a new pathway..

See below for a basic outline of what to expect. 

Contact us with questions.

  • Breakfast - on your own

  • Lunch -on your own  

  • Dinner - nightly gathering sharing food/take turns preparing

  • Snacks - on your own 

Altar, Ceremony, Ritual

Please contact us with any questions.

We Begin... 

Monday July 10

Meet at Sunny Farms at 1pm

261461 Hwy 101 W

Sequim, WA 98382

Sunny Farms is approximately 100 miles from the Seattle-Tacoma  (Sea-Tac) 

On a typical day this will take 2.5  hours to drive.

Many folks in the past have flown in a day or two prior to the retreat as traffic is heavy at the  airport and through the Seattle - Tacoma area.   If you need to make any purchases and stops for food etc,  please do that prior to meeting in Sequim at 1pm. 

At Sunny Farms  is where you can purchase  a tea or coffee, a quick snack or on the go meal and any last minute items.  This is where you will also where car-pooling and ride-shares come into play. 


We will caravan in and out of the forest.  However you will receive  driving instructions. 

As we begin to unwind from our daily lives and journey into new and sacred spaces you may find a new sense of wonderment and ease starts to soak in. 

Arriving to our assigned lodging around 4pm, make yourself at home, unpack and be prepared to meet at the gathering place for a tour of our surroundings, dinner and fire ceremony.   

Each day builds upon the next, Spaciousness is intentionally created by allowing meal-times to be enjoyed on your own (except the main meal/dinner).  

Each morning there is an optional Sunrise Meditation and Yoga practice

held  near the river among the trees.  However, if  you prefer to sleep

in or wander, the choice is yours. 


We'll wander deep into the forest of old growth trees, incubating, resting,

rediscovering wonderment and connection as we feel moist mosses and 5 foot ferns lightly brush our skin.  Listen to River tell you her secrets while mindfully, gently walking as we explore sacred spaces, connecting with the elements, the Earth, Water and breezy Air,  feel and touch into the nature beings seen and unseen.   


Each evening we meet at the fire for centering ritual, offerings and more.  

We might experience guided meditation, healing journeys and star-gazing into the deep & expansive night skies. On a designated night,  you might choose to commune with the sacred plant medicine ceremony of  Cacao.

Last Day 

Friday July 15

Last day of retreat, we will re-wind from one experience to the next eventually meeting at:

Lake Crescent in Port Angeles by 1pm. 

Lake Crescent will be at least 3.5 hours to the airport. 

Many folks will opt to book a very late flight or fly out the next day.  

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