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Meet Lori Ferry' 

 Lori resides along the Salish Sea on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

She is an initiated Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practioner and Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher with certified credentials with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies,  Initiated Shamanic Medicine Carrier with the Pachakuti  of Peru, Shamanic Reiki Worldwide and The International Center for Reiki Training  in the Usui and Tibetan lineages.   She holds  doctorate level in Anthropology and Cross Cultural Relations in Social Sciences. 

(Shamanism as Medicine).  


She is a E-RYT & YACEP Yoga Instructor in Trauma Informed Yoga & Meditation with a mindful & restorative approach.   She is a Registered Yoga Continuing Education Provider and in her free time, volunteers Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga workshops for  nursing student programs and addiction recovery 2-year programs.   She also feels great gratitude to offer , Shamanic Reiki, Usui & Tibetan  Reiki Certification training in all levels  and Shamanic Cross-Cultural Healing Practices as a healer and teacher. 


She is a co facilitator and guide into the wilderness of the Hoh Valley & Rainforest offering space to open to Sacred Time and the Healing Power of Nature during deep immersions in the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula in WA state.


She facilitates healing circles on-line and at the waters edge of the Salish Sea to nourish  each other & relationship with sentient beings.    

Lori's heart-song is supporting you in deeply rooted-healing practices.  Unearthing and digging deep to discover your own heart-song.    Whether you are interested in personal healing for yourself or immersing into course-work,  you can trust that you will be fully guided and supported through your journey to optimum health, personal empowerment and embody your shining essence to manifest your soul purpose. 


"This work is a weaving that isn't separate from normal daily life.  Spiritual healing practices are always open to sacred time drawing on intuition and  deep connection with nature’s wisdom and  teachings.  You may find me barefoot in Vrikshasana (tree pose) in forests of the Pacific Northwest or drumming at the water’s edge of the Salish Sea.   Savasana meditation with the banana slugs and wildflowers or a Chandra Namaskara (Moon Salutation) during the Lunar phases in front of a ceremonial fire. "  

May we dedicate the beneficial energies of these practices to all living beings.


We collaborate with nature in order to raise the vibration for thriving by working with ancient ways of healing that weave into the fabric of our daily lives.   To bring mindful awareness and expanded  ways of living for joy, vitality and health.  To feel empowered  to heal our ourselves, our ancestors the collective field and our relationship with the Earth in sustainable and compassionate ways.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Pastel Heart Bokeh on a Pale Background.

In the Spirit of Cultivating Reciprocity 

We acknowledge and honor the ancestral lands of the Pacific Coast Salish Peoples and the S'Klallam Tribe who are traditional stewards of the land where we are physically.


We work in relationship with diverse cultures and peoples and have been accepted as an ally & bridge-keeper as an active supporter for Healing Spaces for all to heal. 

In profound gratitude, we acknowledge the teachers, traditions & lineages who have passed along foundational teachings that we offer here.


We welcome, celebrate and respect & value all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences for the highest possible good for all. 

We encourage and hold space for everyone equal opportunity for shared discussion & expression in comfort, safety, healing and sacredness.



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