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Meet Lori Ferry' 

Lori is a Certified Relational Therapist through the Inner Science Institute, with a focus on Trauma Integration. She also teaches Shamanic Reiki online and in-person through a Trauma Integration lens. Lori holds a deep reverence for the Earth and nature-based healing approaches. She facilitates healing circles on-line and at the waters edge of the Salish Sea to nourish each other & relationship with sentient beings. 

She is a long-time Experienced Yoga Alliance E-RYT & YACEP Trauma Informed Yoga & Meditation Teacher -
Nature Retreat Guide

Lori's heart-song is supporting you in deeply rooted-healing practices.

May we dedicate the beneficial energies of these practices to all living beings.


Welcome to our community! We believe in collaborating with nature to raise our vibration and promote thriving. Our ancient healing practices are woven into our daily lives, bringing mindful awareness and expanded ways of living for joy, vitality, and health. We empower ourselves to heal our ancestors, the collective field, and our relationship with the Earth in sustainable and compassionate ways. Join us on this journey towards holistic well-being.

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Non Profit 501c3 Immerse in Nature and Indigenous Culture
Shamanic Reiki Worldwide
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Initiated Pachakuti Shaman
Washington State CoastSavers Volunteer
International Center for Reiki Training
Certified Yoga Alliance Continued Ed Teacher

In the Spirit of Cultivating Reciprocity 

Welcome to our community! We are committed to creating a safe and respectful space for all individuals to thrive. We honor and acknowledge the teachers, traditions, and lineages that have passed down foundational teachings that we offer here. We value and celebrate diversity and pledge to maintain an environment that respects all traditions, heritages and experiences. Join us for shared discussions and expressions in comfort, safety, healing, and sacredness.

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