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Spiritual Allies 
Retrieval & Healing
distance or in- person /1.5 hours
Image by Des Récits

Join me as we journey together to reconnect with your guardians, spirit guides, wisdom allies and other wisdom-keepers to support you on your path to your deepest life-journey.

We create an environment for healing your nervous system through clear, crisp and embodied integration with your new relationship with your Self Energy. 


Gain a helper-ally who can help sustain your energy while transitioning through difficult times.

After meeting your helping guide (s), you will be assisted in gaining more insight about your new relationship through a special shamanic journey just for you. 

This session serves as a wonderful  stand-alone healing or complement to other healings sessions and course-work. 



Contact us directly to schedule your free discovery call (consultation) and see if this might be for you.


We will work together towards your journey to wellness and your most vibrant SELF!

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