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Healing Circles

Healing Circles




2024 HEARTH Circles are live online guided Shamanic Experiences

created in partnership with 

Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle

The Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle "OMEC" is a 501C3 nonprofit educational organization. Our experiential educational approaches are heart-centered, embodied, and nature-rooted. OMEC programs teach people to respect our living planet, as they also open to nature's healing power. OMEC projects give back to the Earth and preserve ancient wisdom ways. The organization was incepted within the ancestral homelands of the Coastal Salish Peoples of the Olympic Peninsula. We invite you to learn about the Hoh and Quileute Peoples, the rightful and original stewards of these lands. 


100% of proceeds go directly to our 501c non-profit 

Olympic Mountain Earthwisdom Circle -

$10 - $20 love donations 


We invite you to view our full on-line LIVE schedule.

With your registration you are able to view the video recording at your convenience even if the live event does not coordinate with your schedule you can watch anytime.


Register for HEARTH Circle

Inspiring a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth  Honoring and preserving the ancient wisdom ways of indigenous people

OMEC is operated  by non-paid  volunteers

Become an OMEC HEARTH Circle Facilitator 

HEARTH   Heart - Earth - Art 

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