Shamanic Healing
distance or in person / 2.5 hours
Shamanic tambourine and Shamanic drum..j

A deep & profound healing experience

Together we create a sacred and safe space remotely or in-person working with Spirit and your guides and allies, stepping into the mystery of direct revelation for profound healing and  your heart's  deepest longing.

No two sessions are alike and your session will be individual to you.

Sessions can include the following:

Shape-shifting a persistent personal or ancestral pattern including addiction behaviors 
Healing a past life event in this life time
Healing a previous past life

Healing karmic energies with ancestors
Prevent Soul Loss/Soul Retrieval, Recovering from feelings of loss, grief and self-doubt, fragmented
Releasing Deleterious Cords to  heal relationships
Cultivating an Inner Sanctum of Worthiness, Self-Esteem and Inclusion
Cleansing with the Elements to discover and empower your authentic Self and Life Path
Release energetic blockages to sensations of fluidity, freedom and harmony


Value Packages for deeper and more integrative healing - (Prepaid)

3-Session Package: $700     ($125 savings)

5-Session package: $975     ($400 Savings)

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We will work together towards your journey to wellness and your most vibrant SELF!