Hoh Rainforest Glacial Waters

Wild Wisdom Hoh

July 11-16  2022 (4 Spaces)
August 8-13 2022 (full)

September 12-17  2022 (2 Spaces)  

Guided by  

Lori Ferry' & Rob Murphy



A Small-Group Retreat in the Rainforest

​Immerse in the Healing Power of Nature


Open to Sacred Time and the Healing Power of Nature in this nature immersion in the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula, WA State, USA

Llyn "Cedar" Roberts, coauthor with Sandra Ingerman of the Gold Nautilus award-winning book, Speaking with Nature, has expertly designed this simple yet life-changing, sacred nature experience.


We have opened up 4 spots for the  July 2022  and  2 spots for the  September 2022 retreat

Contact Lori at: omec.loriferry@gmail.com
View retreat details below.


​Register Early! Spaces Fill Fast! 

Join us in the Hoh River Valley and the largest temperate rainforest in the world in the Olympic Mountains to nourish a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth guided by “Cedar” and OMEC colleagues Rob Murphy and Lori Ferry'.
In these life-changing nature immersions and forest bathing experiences, you will open your heart to rainforest plants and wildlife, to old growth trees, to sacred springs and turquoise glacial rivers and expansive valleys as you also, communicate with ancient Earth protectors and spirit presences. Sit by roaring fires under vast starlit skies, for storytelling and authentic sharing. Play, muse, journal, incubate, create and take inward journeys - to receive nature’s gifts and to also learn how you can give back.
In immersing in the quiet spaces of nature and in her hidden dimensions you will be nourished, and guided back to the quiet internal spaces and the rich, hidden dimensions within you - the deep and ever-unfolding mystery of who you truly are. 

Capacity: Register early, as enrollment is limited to six (6) participants, to ensure an intimate experience.

     To register for August Wild Wisdom Retreat ($800* per person)

guided by  Rob Murphy and Lori Ferry'

and supported by Vic Ferry' please contact: omec.loriferry@gmail.com

     *Your per person registration fee includes facilitation and 5-nights accommodation.

       A non-refundable lodging deposit of $300 reserves your place.

(Your deposit can be deferred to another Hoh trip if

unavoidable circumstances prevent you from attending) 


     Space is limited to a maximum of six registrants.

*Prices include facilitation and accommodation and does NOT

include transportation, food or other needs.


Retreat Container:
Relax into your physical and also your subtle senses, to reconnect - with yourself, spirit, and with nature. To keep this intention at the forefront Wild Wisdom Retreats maintain a substance-free environment with no alcohol, no mind-altering substances, and no smoking or vaping.

Participants agree to support each other in an unplugged (daily 'touch-in' option) experience, valuing quiet and stillness - equally to laughter and sharing, to connect with nature and the spirit of the place. We employ simple cleansing rituals that awaken your senses and gentle 'questing' approaches that focus and expand your attention, have 'quiet zones' and incubation time, solo 'sits' as well as circle immersions in pristine locations.


We have an outside campfire on every dry weather night (except during fire restrictions), with two evenings devoted to exploring the local lore of the lands. We focus on being in nature in an awake yet ordinary way, which is in itself ceremonial. We enact 'wandering', 'deep listening', and other simple nature-based practices on the Hoh River gravel bar and hike on an easy, as well as an easy-to-moderate trail.


There are built in options on this hike, such as staying to commune by the river or to forest bathe, or going further on the trail for those with more desire and vigor. There’s always someone nearby to assist you. Every day and every moment and experience has its own texture and rhythm, and every person is encouraged to honor their own and changing rhythms - taking us individually, and as a group, deeper into relationship with ourselves, each other, with nature and the spiritual aspects of the land and of nature beings. 


We describe the lodging as ‘varying degrees of pleasantly rustic’. These are safe and inviting, yet, they are very simple and earthy spaces.
1) There is one large cabin with three separate sleeping spaces. 'Cabin-dwellers' will each have a bed to place a sleeping bag upon. The cabin has a large wood stove, a full kitchen (standard sized electric stove with oven and full-sized refrigerator with all dish and cookware) where everyone will store and prepare the food, and eat. and a shared full bathroom.  There are no machines to wash your clothes - let go of habituation and think 'simple'! 

2) There is a large ‘bunkhouse’ with three wooden platforms topped with thick foam to place your sleeping bag upon. It has an outhouse and a wood-stove. ‘Bunk-housers' also have use of the cabin kitchen and bathroom facilities.     

3) Tenting is a welcomed option. There is tenting space near the cabin and you can also tent on the extensive gravel bar of the Hoh River Bed. If you choose to tent, you will still have a cabin or bunkhouse bed reserved for you.


Fresh, filtered running water from the pure glacial waters of the Hoh River comes out of the tap in the cabin, and fresh well water also runs from an outside spigot. 


Participants will consult together before the trip in order to plan the week’s meals and purchase needs and other details. Sharing meals together and preparing favorite home-cooked dishes for the group has become a wonderful part of the bonding experience.


You are also welcomed to buy personal food items that you may want to have on hand just for you – and you can also feel free to bring food and home-prepared dishes in with you from home, assuming you live locally.  

Weather: Although there are definitely exceptions, the weather is unpredictable. It is typically dry and warm in July, yet there can be rain.  You will want to bring layers to accommodate daytime and evening temperatures, as even in July - although the sun can get very hot in the afternoon it can feel quite chilly at night after the sun sets and the winds pick up. 


Although summer is considered drought season, again please be prepared for weather extremes including rainstorms, at any time. You will receive a list of clothing and packing suggestions.  
Travel and Meet-Up: If flying, you can rent a car at SeaTac airport, or schedule a ride with the Rocket Shuttle transport to Sequim, WA, or carpool from the airport. If renting or driving your own vehicle from the airport, or from elsewhere, you are asked to share rides once you arrive on the Peninsula.


We ask for a limit of three cars traveling in to accommodate participants. We depart together from Crescent Lake location just West of Port Angeles, WA on the first day of the retreat. Our exact meeting location will be announced. Please note that no one drives into, or departs from, the retreat location in the Hoh Rainforest without the group.

​Register soon as spaces fill quickly!  


Required Reading: Please read these two before you arrive and bring the books with you ~ below are the main chapters you'll want to pre-read. 

Speaking with Nature by Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Roberts
Recommended chapters:
Glacial Silt
Earth Goddess Nunkui
Banana Slug
Wood Sorrel
Wild Western Hemlock

Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness by Llyn Roberts 
 Chapters 1, 4, 5, 8

Sound, Image and other Resources  
View beautiful images and listen to the sounds of the Hoh Rainforest and River Valley at One Square Inch
Learn important perspectives about 'quiet' in our wild as well as urban spaces at Quiet Parks International
Check out this book by an inspiring young woman I introduced to the Hoh: The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing 

by Julia Plevin 
How to Orient

Open to the Deep Mystery within Nature  - and within You!
Be Comfortable with stillness and quiet  - Deeply Listen
BEe a master "relaxer" - Rest, Sleep, Incubate, Dream
Be a master "observer"  - Open Physical and Subtle Senses
Be like a child  - Curious, Playful and Open Hearted
Reflect and move  - Muse, Write, Draw, Play and Wander
See from the heart  - Perceive Beauty and Ordinary Magic 
Merge with "space"; the 5th element  - Embody 'Being'















Rob Murphy.png

Rob Murphy - Guide 

is an initiated shaman in Brazilian and Ecuadorian and Celtic traditions and an ordained minister. He is a core teaching faculty member of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. He founded the Richmond Shamanic Meetup and Drum Circle and is a core member of the NY Shamanic Circle. Rob offers earth-based programs in the United States and abroad, as well as sacred journeys to indigenous elders in South America.  Regression therapy is an integral part of Rob’s shamanic healing practice. He is also a graduate of the Shift Network’s Peace Ambassador Training program. Rob is e member of the OMEC board of directors and a project director for the Olympic Peninsula Johnny Moses Projects. He is a master tender of sacred fires and is a steady support of your experience as he holds the sacred container for the Hoh Retreat. 


Lori Ferry' - Guide 

is a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher  and initiated in cross-cultural core Shamanism. She carries a deep understanding and reverence for the Earth and nature, as well as indigenous based healing approaches. She facilitates Mindfulness Based Meditation workshops for the University of Washington Programs and addiction recovery 2-year programs    She received her doctorate level in Cross Cultural Relations in Social Sciences in Dec 2020.  She is a registered yoga teacher with a mindful & restorative approach and a Registered Yoga Continuing Education Provider.   As a member of the Guatemala Trip Sacred Travel Team, she assists OMEC’s Maya Women Weavers project. She hosts OMEC HEARTH Circles in Milton WA and is the director of OMEC's Pillar Point Project, facilitated in association with CoastSavers.org


Vic Ferry' Sherpa Support Team.

Vic was raised in the Pacific Northwest. He has owned a floor covering business with green and sustainable design options in his youth. Later, with his wife, Lori Ferry’ he lived for a time in Costa Rica - among the locals, immersed in community, land and nature. He is Reiki II attuned in the Usui Tradition.

He loves to play, cook, to help people and to hold a healing space for others. A charismatic volunteer auctioneer who has raised funds for various charity organizations, he plays in Chef John Howie’s annual ‘The Kick Hunger Challenge Celebrity Poker Event’.  Vic finds great joy in nature. He is an OMEC Committee member and in addition to supporting wild Wisdom Hoh Retreats, Vic is the Assisting Manager with Lori Ferry' working with the OMEC Pillar Point Coastal Clean Up in association with CoastSavers.org