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Shamanic Reiki
Energy Healing 1-Hour
Remote-Distance or  In Person


Heal & Transform with Holistic  Wisdom Ways

A Holistic Approach to Vitality, Joy and Heart-Centered Living

  • Shamanism is an ancient cross-cultural healing approach that works with the forces of nature and is rooted in Earth honoring ancient wisdom-ways to tap into the wisdom of the body, heart and all aspects of vitality. 

  • Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation & reduces stress to promote profound healing.

  • Remote Distance Healing is an Energetic Healing Practice that is unbound by space & time and equally effective as an in-person therapy that enhances and empowers you to be a participant in your own healing journey. 

The Shamanic Reiki & Usui Tibetan Reiki Absentee Healing process has proven helpful for people no matter where they are geographically.   As practitioners we have worked effectively across the globe with people, families, groups, organizations, pets & animals, land and buildings, and so much more; it is truly unlimited.

Empowered to Heal 

  • Chakra Balancing 

  • Release attachment to trauma and shift past events

  • Heal with your ancestors to release injustice and trauma

  • Balance the energetic energy channels & centers of the body 

  • Self Sabotage and Shadow Work 

  • Relief of pain and promote healing

  • Increasing physical energy & immune Function

  • Decrease anxiety, tension & stress

  • Spiritual growth & personal empowerment

  • Addiction recovery   

  • Trauma Release

  • Enhancing Meditation & Intuition

  • Clear & Energize your home/office & land

  • Support making positive change in your life

  • Pregnancy, Pre & Post Natal

  • Fertility 

  • Grieving/Grief 

  • Children

  • Animals, pets

  • Highly Sensitive People

  • Support in pre/post & during surgery, chemotherapy

  • ·         …. And so much more

Healing Treatments may include but not limited to; shamanic journeying, intuitive readings, Cosmology, Reiki Universal Life-Force Energy, crystals and sound healing, drumming  includes working with spirit guides, and more, on your behalf.

Your Shamanic Reiki HEALING cultivation includes:

You and I will be together either through video, audio or asynchronistically (meaning we do not schedule a time together face-to-face) .. or In Person

Consultation prior to healing session (30min) - Free of Charge​

Receive healing for one hour time in deep relaxation (remote-distance is within the comfort of your own home). 

​Receive intuitive wisdom  guided by spirit through an email.

​Schedule audio/video call up to  30 minutes after the healing to discuss intuitive insights and ask questions. 

 Contact us to book a free discovery call (consultation) and see if this might be for you.



Value Packages (PrePaid):

1 Session: $150

3-Session Package: $450  ($50 Savings)

5-Session package: $700  ($100 Savings)











Contact me to book your Free Initial Consultation


We will work together towards your journey to wellness and your most vibrant SELF!


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