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Nature Immersion Retreat Reviews

The Hoh Rainforest is a magical place where the Hoh Tribe has lived for centuries, surrounded by the spirits of nature. Retreaters can commune with these spirits and immerse themselves in the beauty of the forest, sharing their experiences with like-minded individuals. Come discover the wonder of the Hoh Rainforest and connect with nature like never before.

Retreaters share their experiences in their own words...

Jeff Rector
San Marcos, California

This trip was a life changing experience for me.  Lori and Christina arranged each day and the week (more than the sum of its days) with events, practices, and free time in a way that allowed me and the other guests to find what we were looking for - even unnamed or unknown at beginning of the trip.  Unlike my usual state when returning from time in nature, immediately upon return I felt and still feel ready to be back in “civilization” and do what I can do.  This trip gave me tools to recall the messages received in the Hoh and so I have not left her behind. 

East Coast USA

The retreat in the Hoh River rainforest in Washington state - was magical, restorative, and surprising in many ways to me. This ancient ecosystem reminded me of my real purpose in this life.

Lori and Christina were very supportive and knowledgeable facilitators of this event. I hope I will be back there very soon

Maine, USA

I am humbled when someone shares their precious time with me.

And I am grateful to be able to exchange my time in turn.

This gratitude extends in spiral with River, Rainforest and all the other Spirit/Beings of the Hoh.

My Retreat experience is now part of me and will always be reflected outward.

Cheryl Mason, Oklahoma

It was a true blessing to be able to experience the Hoh Rainforest and Hoh River and connect with nature there. Nature was alive and I was able to connect with so many nature beings and hear their message. Walking in silence and appreciating all of nature was healing to my soul. Our wonderful facilitators, Lori and Christina facilitated many exceptional experiences for us and I offer my thanks to them.  

New Orleans LA

A sacred journey, out of ordinary reality, deep into the heart of nature.  I was able to connect with the earth in a way I had never done before.  I was in awe at the beauty of the forest teeming with life!  What a pleasure it was to leave behind my cares and technology, to really observe the natural world with new eyes, undistracted.  It has so much wisdom to offer, if we can learn to listen.  The nightly communal meals were a joy to prepare as a group.  Everyone coalesced as family rather quickly.  We all came together on our own journeys, and each of us took away a very sacred gift in the end.  A healing, an understanding, a movement of the heart, a new found ability, a door opened, a new spirit guide, new friends.  I know the new friends I made in the Hoh I will now have for life.  Worth every penny and every mile journeyed to get there!  I didn't want to leave. I hope to one day to have the privilege of returning to another of Lori's retreats in the Hoh!   So much gratitude.

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