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August 7-12,   2023

Total Retreat cost is $895

Non-refundable deposit of $300 Reserves Your Retreat

Remaining $595 must be paid no later than July 21st. 

Retreat Details

  • Your per person registration fee includes facilitation and 5-nights accommodation.


  • Space is limited to a maximum of eight registrants. *Prices include facilitation and accommodation and does NOT include transportation, food or other needs.

  • (Your deposit can be deferred to another retreat if unavoidable circumstances prevent you from attending.)









  •  This gentle gathering will ease you into a process of personal transformation and repair.


  • We invite you to fully receive all that Nature has to offer.  Feel your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies feel the sensations that offer opportunity to restore, renew, revitalize and refresh. 


  • Explore slowing down in a mindful way,  "be" in the silence of nature and feel your frazzled nervous system replenish and repair.  As you do this feel your senses reconnect with yourself and the elements, nature & Spirit. 

  • This retreat is a substance-free environment with no alcohol, no mind-altering substances, and no smoking or vaping.


  • Consider the invitations that will be offered to awaken your senses to the natural world around you.   We maintain Silence and Mindful approaches as we explore nature as a collective circle and as you safely wander on your own.  

  • Receive the invitation to Listen, Wander, See, Smell, Taste, Hear, Feel and experience the forest, the waters and the fullness of forest-bathing awakening your senses.  This is a sensory experience as well as a physical one. 

  • Each day has it's own texture and rhythm.  You may find your own rhythm has matched the rhythm of the Earth after a few days.

  • There will be 3 guides to support you as you navigate from one experience to the next

  • Having mentioned this, please  keep in mind this retreat is your experience and we invite you to explore whatever comes up for you.  This might be resistance of some kind.  It could be something subtle and unfamiliar,  something old returning or even something such as an incompatible room-mate.  Whatever your work is for you,  we encourage you to sit with it in nature. You might want to journal or contemplate, ask the trees, the plants, the stones for wisdom, a blessing or a healing.  This is YOUR Retreat, let it support you in   your own personal and collective journey.


  • Please leave your electronic devices behind, and feel the invitation to turn off your phone for the week. Unplugged may feel strange at first, but can create a sense of freedom and feeling a fuller & deeper experience.


  • (cell service is highly limited in the forest).


NOTE: Retreats are  non-refundable.  May be applied to future retreat, you may also gift your retreat to someone else.  Time restrictions apply.  We reserve the right to update or change policies and procedures without notification.  All Rights Reserved.

Discover your personal path


Lodging is has a cozy, rustic and Earthy flair.

  1. CABIN: There is a cabin with four sleeping spaces. If assigned to the cabin, each have a bed to place a sleeping bag upon. The cabin has a large wood stove, a full kitchen and a shared full bathroom.  

  2. BUNKHOUSE: There is a large ‘bunkhouse’ with three wooden platforms topped with thick foam to place your sleeping bag upon. It has an outhouse and a wood-stove. If assigned to the Bunkhouse, you have access to the  cabin kitchen and bathroom facilities.

  3. TENTING on the Hoh River Gravel Bar. There is tenting space near the cabin and you can also tent on the sand-gravel bar of the Hoh River Bed. If you choose to tent, you will still have a cabin or bunkhouse bed reserved for you.

  4. NOTE: The cabin is the central gathering place.  It is open to everyone on retreat.  Everyone stores food here.  Breakfast and Lunch is on your own, so feel free to use the Cabin Kitchen.  Dinner meals are a gathering time and we all eat together.  There is a standard sized electric range, full-sized refrigerator with all dish and cookware.  



WATER:  Fresh, filtered tap water from the pure glacial waters of the Hoh River is available from the tap in the kitchen. Fresh well water also runs from an outside spigot.   WE encourage you to drink this nourishing living water.

FOOD: Participants will consult together via pre-retreat call, guided by the facilitators.  The pre- trip call helps us to plan the week’s meals and acquire any food purchase needs and other items.  Sharing meals together and preparing favorite home-cooked dishes for the group creates deep friendships and sensations of safety, harmony & belonging.  



We'll begin my mentioning we will be in a Rainforest.  So weather is unpredictable. It is typically dry & warm in August, yet there can be misty, wet, moist mornings, evenings and of course rain all day long.  We encourage all participants to bring layers to accommodate daytime and evening temperatures, in August the the sun can feel hot by early afternoon and change to very chilly nights after the sun sets and winds on in.  Please be prepared for weather extremes including rainstorms, at any time.

You will receive additional information to support you as you start to prepare for your retreat including clothing and packing suggestions upon registration.  


Travel and Meet-Up:

FLYING:  If flying in for your reteat, you will land at the SeaTac airport. Travel is required once you arrive.  You can rent a car at SeaTac airport, or schedule a shuttle ride or carpool with other participants from the airport. 

DRIVING:  During the pre-retreat phone call, you will be asked to  connect with each other to consider making your ride-share driving arrangements   Parking is limited at the Retreat and less cars traveling is healthier for this pristine environment.


  • First Day of retreat- arrive at 1pm at Sunny Farms in Sequim, WA. 

  • Last day of retreat- we will end around 1pm at Crescent Lake, Port Angeles WA. 

  • Please make sure you have your Waiver/Release Form with you if you have not already submitted it.

UNWINDING: We will experience an "unwinding" as we make our journey from Sunny Farms to the Retreat Lodging in the forest.  As we release the day to day life of schedules, agendas and the dash of daily responsibilities,  we create spaciousness to feel gently guided & held.  This is where the mystery of the natural world begins.   



  1. We all travel together in Caravan style from and to all locations during the retreat.  No one leaves alone~ no one is left behind. 

  2. You will receive full informational details during the pre-trip call along with supporting details once you have made your full commitment to retreat.  

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